Australian Privacy Law Handbook 

Author: Jeremy Douglas-Stewart, Principal at Privacy Law Consulting Australia



The Australian Privacy Law Handbook provides a detailed guide to privacy laws and managing privacy and data security risks associated with the collection, use, disclosure and storage of personal information.

The work provides extensive coverage of laws and practical issues (view Table of Contents) in the context of specific industries and technologies, providing an all-in-one resource for lawyers and officers responsible for managing privacy within private and public sector entities. The text is written in a concise, practical style with a focus on enabling users to manage privacy risks based on legal requirements and good privacy practices. 

The service includes an electronic Australian Privacy Law Handbook Bulletin (view sample), issued in conjunction with each service update, providing an in-depth and up-to-date report on developments in privacy laws and personal data management practices.


Key features

  • coverage of federal and State privacy laws in private and public sectors
  • Annotated Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), providing extensive commentary on the practical application of the APPs supported by demonstrative case summaries
  • comprehensive guidance on developing and implementing a privacy compliance program (eg privacy audits, compliance plans, notices and policies)
  • extensive practical guidance based on topic (eg outsourcing, direct marketing, data sharing)
  • data security section providing guidance on taking "reasonable steps" to manage data security risks (eg physical/technical/procedural security controls) and practical issues (eg high risk practices, contractors, incident management, breach notification, data destruction)
  • compliance tools (eg checklists, sample policies and template forms)
  • listings of and cross-references to guidelines published by federal and State privacy commissioners
  • detailed compliance manuals for Spam Act 2003 (Cth) and Workplace Surveillance Act 2005 (NSW)
  • coverage of common law developments (eg duties of confidence, tort of invasion of privacy)
  • Australian Privacy Law eBulletin issued in conjunction with each service update

Updates and privacy bulletins

The service is updated three times per year.

Each update is accompanied by an electronic Australian Privacy Law Bulletin providing an overview of privacy developments and commentary added to the service.

About the author

Jeremy Douglas-Stewart is Principal Consultant at Privacy Law Consulting Australia and specialises in advising and training businesses and government agencies on privacy laws and good information management practices. Jeremy has published extensively in the field of privacy laws. Jeremy was a member of the Privacy Commissioner's Consultative Group during the review of the Privacy Act in 2004/05 and of the Australian Law Reform Commission's Privacy Principles Roundtable in 2007.

A condensed Table of Contents (top two levels only) is set out below. 
To view the full Table of Contents, click here (PDF, 200KB).

     Annotated Privacy Principles
          Annotated Australian Privacy Principles
          Annotated Health Privacy Principles
          State public sector privacy principles
     Privacy Act 1988
          Investigations by Commissioner
          Credit reporting
          Privacy law reforms
     Other privacy laws
          Health records
          Direct marketing
          Spam Act 2003 (Cth) – Guide and compliance manual
          Listening and surveillance devices legislation
          Workplace surveillance legislation
          Workplace Surveillance Act 2005 (NSW) – Guide and compliance manual
          State public sector information privacy statutes
          Tort of invasion of privacy
          Laws of confidence
          Spent conviction schemes
          Human rights charters
          International privacy directives, instruments and standards
          Privacy breaches and negligence claims
          Media and journalism
          Residential tenancy databases
     Practical issues and privacy solutions
          Privacy compliance plan
          Privacy policies
          Privacy collection notices
          Privacy consents
          Access and correction
          Privacy audits
          Privacy impact assessments
          Workplace privacy
          Complaint handling
          Investigations – acting for a respondent
          Genetic information
          Cloud computing and shared computing services
          Discovery and litigation
          Video surveillance
          Direct marketing and data privacy laws
          Sale, restructure or cessation of business
          Corporate groups and data sharing
          Identity verification
          Privacy Officers
          Newsletters and photographs
          Public registers
          Social media
          FAQs – Industry specific issues
     Data security
          Reasonable steps to secure information
          Security standards
          Checklist: Data security risks and control measures
          Portable storage devices
          Software applications, websites, web-servers and web-hosts
          Data security breaches and notification
          Data destruction
          Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

Sample pages

View sample pages (PDF, 850KB) 
View sample Australian Privacy Law Handbook Bulletin (PDF, 300KB)





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