Planning Law SA 

Consulting Editor: Brian Hayes QC, Barrister | Chair of SA Planning Reform Commission

- SA Environment, Resources & Development (ERD) Court
- Don Pitt, former Commissioner of ERD Court & Planning Appeal Tribunal


This publication provides a guide to planning law, principles and practice in South Australia.

Written for lawyers, councils and town planners, it contains commentary, practice notes and case summaries, set out according to statutory provisions, development types and planning principles.

The service has been recently expanded to cover SA's New Planning System (including the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, regulations and Planning and Design Code).

The service provides a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in the application and administration of SA’s planning framework.


Key features

  • Annotated legislation and regulations - Up-to-date and comprehensively annotated versions of SA planning legislation and regulations and the Planning and Design Code, offering detailed commentary on the operation and application of provisions (view sample pages).

  • Practice notes - Commentary on planning principles, processes, topics and development categories, supported by demonstrative case notes from ERD and Supreme Court decisions (which are comprehensively monitored for the service). This section provides a guide to a wide range of planning law and practice matters (view case note topics).

  • Planning dictionary - Commentary on how words and phrases used in planning instruments have been interpreted and applied by the courts (view dictionary terms).

  • Planning Law SA Bulletin - A bulletin issued with each update to the service, providing a detailed report on recent planning law developments and cases (view sample bulletin).


   Index & tables
   New Planning System
      Overview & Guide to New Planning System
      Annotated Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016
      Annotated Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017
      Annotations to Planning & Design Code
      Annotated regulations
       > Planning, Development and Infrastructure (Accredited Professionals) Regulations 2019
       > Planning, Development and Infrastructure (Fees, Charges and Contributions) Regulations 2019
       > Planning, Development and Infrastructure (Planning Agreements) Regulations 2020
       > Planning, Development and Infrastructure (Swimming Pool Safety) Regulations 2019
       > Planning, Development and Infrastructure (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2017
   Former Planning System
      Overview of development assessment process
      Annotated Development Act 1993
      Annotated Development Regulations 2008
   Practice Notes & Planning Dictionary
      Practice Notes
      Planning Dictionary

Sample pages

View sample pages (PDF, 450KB)
View sample Planning Law SA Bulletin (PDF, 700KB)
View Table of Contents for Practice Notes chapter (PDF, 200KB)
View Table of Contents for Planning Dictionary chapter (PDF, 150KB)

About the Editor

Brian Hayes QC is a barrister at Murray Chambers and is a leading practitioner in planning law in South Austraila. He was Chair of the SA Planning Reform Commission and has advised the State Government extensively on the drafting of planning and environmental legislation and the ERD Court.





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