Privacy Act Reforms Briefing Webinar Series - Health Services

- Proposed Reforms (Stage 1) | 27 June 2023

- Draft Reforms (Stage 2) | TBA (pending amending Bill)

- Final Reforms (Stage 3) | TBA (pending amending Act)

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This series of webinars provides concise briefings at each stage of the current Privacy Act reforms process to enable privacy managers within health service providers to keep up-to-date with the details and progress of the pending changes and their implications for data handling practices and privacy management frameworksThe series, which is industry-specific for health services, is comprised of the following webinars:

  • Proposed Reforms (Stage 1) (1 hr) - on the reform proposals set out in the A-G's Privacy Act Review Report (dated 16 Feb 2023).
  • Draft Reforms (Stage 2) (1 hr)on the reforms contained in the amending Bill (once released).
  • Final Reforms (Stage 3) (3 hrs) - on the reforms, in their final format, contained in the amending Act (once passed).

Each webinar will analyse the reforms as they stand at each stage in the following structured format:

  • requirements - content of the reforms;
  • gap analysis - how the proposed requirements differ from current requirements;
  • impact - on information handling practices;
  • compliance measures - changes to privacy management frameworks required.

Each webinar includes a Privacy Act Reforms Briefing Paper (PDF) for the relevant stage.

Stage 1 and 2 webinars will address the proposed reforms in-depth at the appropriate level of detail given the proposals will still be subject to amendment. The stage 3 webinar will provide further detailed analysis, with extended focus on impacts and required compliance measures, once the changes have been passed in their final form.

Each webinar will enable attendees to identify how the reforms will impact their organisations and what measures will be necessary to comply with the new requirements.

Webinar outline - Proposed Reforms (Stage 1)

(Note: Outlines for stages 2 and 3 will be published in the future at times of release)


  • Scope, nature and objectives of reforms
  • Broad overview

2-Proposed reforms

  • Coverage (definitions of: "personal information", "sensitive information", "collection")
  • Consent (requirements for validity, geolocation tracking data, research)
  • Children (age, consent, notices, child's best interests, direct marketing)
  • New rights (to object to collection/use/disclosure, to erasure/deletion)
  • Privacy notices (clarity)
  • Third-party collections (verification of compliance)
  • High-risk practices (mandatory PIAs, other risk minimisation measures)
  • Privacy settings (pro-privacy default)
  • New test for all data handling ("fair and reasonable")
  • New "accountability" requirement (record purposes of all collections/uses/disclosures)
  • Privacy officer/manager role (mandatory)
  • Direct marketing, targeting & profiling (definitions, right to opt-out, children)
  • De-identified information (increase protections)
  • Exemptions (small business operator, employee records, new (eg public interest))
  • Automated decisions (notices & right to information)
  • Data retention periods (establishment, notification in privacy policy)
  • New "controller" (outsourcer) & "processor" (contractor) terminology to differentiate obligations
  • Overseas disclosures (approved countries list, consent, notices, contractual clauses)
  • Data Breach Notification Scheme (notice periods, mandatory management systems)
  • Other proposals

Who should attend?

Privacy managers within health service providers (eg Privacy Officers, Chief Information Officers, records managers and risk managers).


Jeremy Douglas-Stewart has been recognised as a leading privacy lawyer in Australia and corporate privacy training facilitator. Jeremy has extensive experience in advising businesses and government on privacy laws and data management practices, is author of an Australian privacy law loose-leaf reporting service and has over 20 years’ experience in delivering privacy training seminars. Jeremy was a member of the Privacy Commissioner's Consultative Group during the review of the Privacy Act in 2004/5 and of the Australian Law Reform Commission's Privacy Principles Roundtable in 2007.


Held in Zoom. Attendees view the presenter and screen presentations. Attendees do not appear on-screen.

Cost, date & time

Proposed Reforms (Stage 1) (1 hr) Tues, 27 June COMPLETED $325 + GST
Draft Reforms (Stage 2) (1 hr) TBA1 TBA1 $325 + GST
Final Reforms (Stage 3) (3 hrs) TBA2 TBA2 $550 + GST
All Stages (1, 2 & 3) (20% discount) as above as above $960 + GST

1 Pending amending Bill  |  2Pending amending Act

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Materials only
Privacy Act Reforms Briefing Papers (PDF) supplied in webinars are a stand-alone product (included with webinar registrations) and can be ordered separately.

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If the Government: (1) releases a formal response to the A-G's proposals, or an exposure draft Bill prior to the release of the amending Bill (ie prior to Webinar Stage 2), Presidian will issue a briefing report accordingly; (2) releases an amending Bill at least 2 working days prior to Webinar Stage 1, attendees will be automatically transferred to Webinar Stage 2 without charge (and Webinar Stage 1 will be cancelled as obsolete).


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