Online Privacy Training for Staff - Health Service Providers (2021/22)

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This course provides privacy compliance training for staff in health service provider organisations whose tasks involve the handling of personal information.

It provides users with an understanding of key privacy obligations relevant to day-to-day work functions under the Commonwealth Privacy Act's thirteen Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and Data Breach Notification Scheme (DBN Scheme) and areas of risk in information handling practices. It also provides users with a firm knowledge of the key elements of an organisation's privacy compliance framework (eg privacy policies, procedures, notices and consents) and the importance of being familiar and complying with these.

The course provides industry-specific training, addressing obligations and scenarios specifically in the context of health services. Real-life case studies and quizzes are used to demonstrate and reinforce how obligations apply in practical scenarios.

The course maximises learner engagement through interactive elements and video presentations balanced with high-quality training content.

The course is updated annually to remain current with laws, cases and Commissioner guidelines.

Key features

  • state-of-the-art e-learning platform
  • graded assessment
  • user reports
  • certificates of completion
  • deployable on client LMS (optional) (SCORM compliant)
  • simple pricing structure
  • free trial available

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of:

  • privacy obligations under the Privacy Act (APPs & DBN Scheme) relevant to day-to-day work functions;
  • key areas of risk in information handling practices;
  • elements of an organisation's privacy compliance framework, their role and the importance of complying with them.

Who is the course for?

All staff who handle personal information, eg customer service officers, HR officers, accounts officers, administrative staff.

Course outline

     Why is privacy important?
     Privacy Act and APPs
     Personal information
     Organisations' privacy compliance frameworks
     Role of staff

2-Australian Privacy Principles
          Sensitive information
          Third parties
          Privacy collection notices
     Use & disclosure
          Use vs disclosure
          Permitted purposes
          Primary purpose
          Related use
          Authorised by law
          Permitted general situations
          Permitted health situations
          Unauthorised staff access
          Unauthorised disclosures
     Data accuracy
          "Complete" records
     Data security
          Data security policies
          Common risks
      Privacy policy
          Multiple policies

3-Data Breach Notification Scheme
      Scheme requirements
          Breach assessment
          Review exemptions
      Eligible data breach
          Serious harm
          Common causes
      Role of staff
          Reporting incidents


The course is authored by Jeremy Douglas-Stewart, a specialist privacy lawyer and Principal Consultant at Privacy Law Consulting Australia. Jeremy was a member of the Privacy Commissioner's Consultative Group during her review of the Privacy Act in 2004/05 and of the Australian Law Reform Commission's Privacy Principles Roundtable in 2007. Jeremy has been delivering privacy training workshops to organisations and agencies since 2007. Jeremy is author of the Australian Privacy Law Handbook, a national privacy law loose-leaf subscription service for lawyers.


1.5 hours (can be completed in multiple sittings - bookmark function returns user to last page viewed when logging back in). Logins are valid for 12 months.

Sample clients (all industries)

HEALTH - WentWest Medicare Local, Sunshine Coast Hospital
RETAIL - Canon, Vodafone, Supercheap Auto

PHARMACEUTICAL - Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lundbeck
ENTERTAINMENT - SkyCity Casinos, Village Roadshow
INSURANCE - NRMA, Health Care Insurance
NOT-FOR-PROFIT - Salvation Army, Médecins Sans Frontières
PROFESSIONAL ASSOC - Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
GOVERNMENT - Department of Health, Old Parliament House


Well rounded information suitable for all employees. Score: 10/10 - Sarah, Goldfields Midwest Medicare Local

Excellent quality. Score: 10/10 - Helen, InjuryNet

It was great! We are getting some great feedback about it!
Jenelyn, Training Coordinator, Cancer Council QLD

Good quality with clear examples.  Score: 9/10 - Geoff, Cancer Council QLD

Very worthwhile course to complete. Score: 10/10 - Eleanor, Salvation Army

The course was easy to understand. Score: 10/10 - Rachael, Salvation Army

System requirements

An up-to-date web-browser is all that is required to view the courses - for example:

  • Windows: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Mac: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

The course is not compatible with Internet Explorer (which is now an outdate browser, having last been released in 2013 and currently being phased out by Microsoft).

The courses do not require Adobe Flash (which is being phased out by Adobe in December 2020).


Cost depends on the number of users.  Please request a quote specifying the number of users. Examples are provided below.  

No of users Cost per user (+GST) Total cost (+GST)
1 $310 $310
5 $155 $775
50 $51.50 $2060
100 $25.75 $2575

How to order

An invoice for payment will be sent following receipt of order.

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