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Online Privacy Training
 for General Staff

(for privacy training for Privacy Officers and Managers, click here  |  for privacy training workshops, click here)

This online course provides privacy training for general staff in private sector organisations and public sector agencies (Commonwealth & ACT) whose tasks involve the handling of personal information, such as customer service officers and administrative staff.

The course focuses on requirements under the Commonwealth Privacy Act's new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) (due to commence in March 2014 following the privacy reforms in December 2012). The course equips workers with a detailed awareness of privacy, key obligations under the APPs and core areas of risk relevant to their day-to-day work functions. It uses real-life case studies to demonstrate privacy issues in practice and interactive quizzes to enable users to apply principles learned in practical scenarios.

The course contains a final assessment (optional) that enables staff to test and demonstrate their knolwedge. Users who successfully complete the assessment are issued with a Certificate of Completion. Reports on user assessment scores are available to training managers.

Learning outcomes
The course aims to equip staff with a detailed understanding of:

Operating requirements
The course is accessible through a web-browser. No software is required.

If required by the client, course content (SCORM-compliant) can be installed on the client’s Learning Management System.

Consistent with Australian Standards 

Course outline
     Privacy Act
     Good privacy practice
     Role of staff
     Why is privacy important?
     Personal information
     Sensitive & health information

2-Australian Privacy Principles
          Information must be necessary
          Sensitive information
          Collection must be fair
          Third parties
          Privacy notices
     Use & disclosure
          Primary purpose of collection
          Secondary purposes
               Related use within expectations
               Authorised by law
          Key risks
               Unauthorised staff access
               Unauthorised disclosures outside of work
     Data accuracy
     Data security
          Protecting information against misuse and loss
          Key risks
               Electronic documents
               Portable storage devices
               Unauthorised staff access
          Data security policies
          Document disposal and destruction
     Privacy policy  

The course is authored by Jeremy Douglas-Stewart, a specialist privacy lawyer and Principal Consultant at Privacy Law Consulting Australia. Jeremy was a member of the Privacy Commissioner's Consultative Group during her review of the Privacy Act in 2004/05 and of the Australian Law Reform Commission's Privacy Principles Roundtable in 2007. Jeremy has been delivering privacy training workshops to organisations and agencies since 2007. Jeremy is author of the Australian Privacy Law Handbook, a national privacy law loose-leaf service. 

1.5 hours 

Cost depends on the number of users.  Please request a quote specifying the number of users.

Examples of cost for specified numbers of users are provided below.   

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