Data Breach Response Guide & Toolkit (Australia) 

 For a global version of this guide and toolkit, see Data Breach Response Guide & Toolkit (Global)


This publication provides in-depth guidance on and tools to assist organisations globally in developing a data breach response management framework (DBRM Framework) based on international and Australian standards for data breach incident response management. 

The guide provides detailed commentary, checklists, decision-making criteria and sample policies and forms to assist organisations to rapidly develop robust, comprehensive DBRM Frameworks, in a structured and methodical manner, that will enable them to prepare for and manage data breach incidents.

The resource includes samples of two core documents essential for establishing a DBRM Framework, namely:

  • Data Breach Management Policy – to establish a framework (eg policies, systems, controls and incident response team) for preparing for and managing data breach incidents; and
  • Data Breach Response Plan – to establish procedures for managing data breach incidents in a standardised manner and in accordance regulatory obligations.

The sample documents, which contain working examples of policies, forms, procedures and processes for a DBRM Framework, can be readily adapted to suit an organisation’s specific circumstances (eg existing operating systems, governance structures, staff hierarchies, policies and relevant applicable laws).

The guide shows how to link-in a DBRM Framework with existing data security frameworks and mandatory data breach notification requirements.

This product compliments, and can be purchased as a pack with, the Data Breach Notification Scheme Guide and Toolkit (which provides a guide to the legal requirements of the mandatory data breach notification scheme under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)). 


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     What constitutes a “data breach”?
     Statistics – Causes and costs of data breaches
     Key elements of a management framework
Data breach management policy
     Checklist and guidance
     Sample policy
Data breach response plan
     Checklist and guidance
     Sample plan




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